1094 - NANO-SOL SILVER - 4 Oz
1094 - NANO-SOL SILVER - 4 Oz

1094 - NANO-SOL SILVER - 4 Oz

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Part Number:1094-NANO-SOL_SILVER_4OZ

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10ppm (50mcg)
4 fl oz (118 ml)
Cobalt blue PBA free plastic bottle with fine mist pump top

Earth's Bounty Nano-Sol Silver utilizes exclusive manufacturing technologies to create the next level of efficacy and immune effectiveness.  Silver has long been regarded as an excellent immune system supplement and during these turbulent times, more than ever your immune system needs to be 100%.  Keep you immune system strong with Nano-Sol Silver, there is no more effective Silver Supplement on the market today.

  • Vegetarian. Vegan. GMO-Free. PBA Free. Gluten Free
  • Does not need to be refrigerated once opened.
  • Made in the USA

    Colloidal Silver - Testimonials

    "Silver, unlike its heavy metal cousins, is surprisingly non-toxic to humans and has a long history of successful medical and public health use dating back 6,000 years."

    - Vitamin Research News, June 2001

    "Silver is emerging as a wonder of modern medicine."

    - Dr. Harry Margraf

    Chief Biochemist at Washington University

    ". . . silver supplementation in our diets could be vital in protecting our immune systems."

    - Martha M. Christy