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Longevitrol™ Anti-Aging Formula
When was the last time you saw an old friend? Can you remember how they looked and acted years ago? Ever wonder how some people age quickly while others age more gracefully? Have you wondered if there is anything you can do to minimize the effects of aging? These are all questions many of us have asked.

Now there is an answer—LONGEVITROL. It contains natural Growth Factors and vital Cofactors that help your cells grow and regenerate. It helps compensate for the body's natural decline in Growth Factors and Cofactors as a result of the aging process. What does this mean for you? As part of an optimal anti-aging regimen, it can mean a more youthful appearance, improved athletic capabilities, sharper mental function and enhanced sex life.
Your Checklist for Better Health
  • Safe—proven—effective
  • No drugs, steroids, hormones or HGH
  • Fast-acting, convenient oral spray
  • Effective for adult men & women—all ages
  • Rich source of natural growth factors & cofactors
  • 100% guaranteed

Longevitrol Anti-Aging Formula - Frequently Asked Questions
What is Longevitrol and how does it help with anti-aging?
In youth, our bodies produce growth factors to accomplish the rapid growth and development that takes place during adolescence. As adults, we continue to need growth factors but, as we age, our production of growth factors declines and we become less efficient at repair and maintenance of the cells in our bodies. Longevitrol helps compensate for this decline in growth factor production. It is a velvet antler formula that provides Growth Factors (proteins) and Co-Factors for repair and regeneration of muscle, bone, skin, cartilage, nerve, and other tissues.
What results can you expect from Longevitrol?
Time frames vary with individuals, but most people start to see and feel subtle changes within weeks. Longevitrol works on-going - monthly changes and improvements should occur. Some changes may be outwardly noticeable, while others will occur internally. Types of benefits can include mental, cosmetic, sexual, athletic, and systemic (whole body). To maximize results, get sufficient sleep, regular exercise and proper nutrition.
Does Longevitrol contain hormones, drugs or steroids?
No. Longevitrol is made from velvet antler, a naturally renewable organic source that is rich in natural Growth Factors and Cofactors.
What is velvet antler?
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, velvet antler is second only to ginseng in importance. For over 2,000 years, velvet antler has been used as a naturally renewable organic source of growth factors for rejuvenating the aging body. Velvet antler is a term that originates from the velvety covering of the antler. Antler is humanely obtained under strict, government regulated conditions.
How is Longevitrol different from Human Growth Hormone?
During youth, the human body produces high levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) so the body can grow and develop. Around age 20, production of HGH diminishes significantly. During youth and adulthood, HGH stimulates the body to produce Growth Factors for cellular growth and repair. Longevitrol is a unique direct source of ready-to-use natural Growth Factors plus numerous vital Cofactors. Longevitrol is a safe, affordable, over-the-counter nutritional supplement that is intended to rejuvenate and improve cellular growth and repair.
Note: Synthetic HGH is a pharmaceutical drug that must be administered by a physician and taken by injection. It is not available over-the-counter.
How is Longevitrol different from other anti-aging products?
1) "Homeopathic" supplements contain a minute amount of synthetic HGH in a diluted solution. They are intended to mimic the actions of real HGH. High cost and questionable absorption are drawbacks. 2) "Secretagogues" are typically amino acid or other formulas that attempt to stimulate the body to produce more of its own HGH. The older you are, the less your body is able to respond, regardless of the stimuli. In contrast, Longevitrol delivers natural, ready-to-use Growth Factor proteins directly into your body for cellular repair and regeneration.
GH "Secretagogues"
- Not the same as amino acids orally
- Less effective in older people due to increased Somatostatin tone

Human Growth Hormone (artificial)
- HGH is a prescription drug and cannot be sold over-the-counter
Is not orally bioavailable because its large molecule (191 AA) can't be absorbed orally

Ron Rothenberg, M.D., Clinical Professor, Family & Preventative Medicine, UCSD School of Medicine
How is Longevitrol different from traditional velvet antler?
Processing techniques for velvet antler are critical to its potency and effectiveness. Traditional velvet antler uses inferior processing and a lower grade product. Longevitrol's exclusive manufacturing process ensures you the highest potency and bioavailability in a clinically proven oral spray.
Will Longevitrol cause acceleration of a medical condition or disease?
Seventy years of research studies and 2,000 years of use do not indicate any propensity for velvet antler to interact negatively with adverse medical conditions. On the contrary, Longevitrol can assist the body's defenses in coping with a variety of medical conditions. For specific questions regarding medical conditions, please consult your Health Professional.
Is Longevitrol safe?
Yes. Longevitrol's primary ingredient, velvet antler, has been used for 2,000 years without adverse effects. Through scientific advancements, Longevitrol is created as a safe, effective oral spray that uses natural Growth Factor proteins. Longevitrol is manufactured in licensed, state-of-the-art facilities, adhering to the highest Good Manufacturing Procedures.
Can Longevitrol be used by all people?
Longevitrol is used worldwide by adult men and women of various ages and states of health.
Longevitrol Anti-Aging Formula - How it works
Longevitrol is a safe, natural anti-aging supplement whose primary ingredient is a special liquid extract of velvet antler. With a 2,000 year history, velvet antler is a natural, renewable substance that has demonstrated remarkable results with anti-aging, athletic performance and medical conditions.
Longevitrol contains natural Growth Factors and vital Cofactors that perform functions of cellular growth, repair and regeneration in the body. Longevitrol can help the cells in the body (muscles, nerves, skin, connective tissue, organs, etc.) toward better and longer performance of their various functions. In addition to internal systemic benefits (whole body), Longevitrol can help you perform, feel and look your best.
One of the keys to LONGEVITROL's effectiveness is the technological development of its large molecule known as a polymer matrix. The polymer matrix allows the formula to be suspended in liquid and delivered into the body where it can be quickly absorbed and used. This scientific breakthrough in microbiology helped us create a faster-acting, more potent supplement.
IGF-1 Fibroblast
IGF-2 Epithelial
Nerve Epidermal
Other GFs Transforming
Chondroitin and Glucosamine Sulfate (lubricate and build joints)
Amino Acids:
structure and enzymes
cell membrane integrity
Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Iron, Potassium (co-factors, structural support)
especially Type 2 Collagen (structural matrix)
Anti-Aging Nucleotides (DNA):
Hypoxanthine and Uredine
DNA replication
memory and learning
Longevitrol helps compensate for your body's normal decline in growth factor levels by providing Growth Factors and Cofactors that are vital to the maintenance and operation of adult bodies. Longevitrol provides this mix of ingredients in more potent and directly usable form than available from any other single source known. We have grouped the results into five main benefit categories which are explained in the Benefits section: cosmetic, mental, athletic, sexual, and systemic (whole body).