Medical Director

Dr. Center

Stephen A. Center, M.D.

Board Certified and Fellowship Trained by the
American Board of Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine
Medical Director, Earth's Bounty

Dear Health Enthusiast,

You only have one life ...and one body and mind to experience it. So it makes sense for you to seek out the best information and care available to help keep your body functioning at its peak.

As a family physician practicing integrated medicine for over 25 years in a private practice in San Diego, I've always worked with my patients to find optimal solutions to their health and wellness needs.

I try to avoid using drugs to treat symptoms whenever possible and instead help my patients heal their bodies on their own, through lifestyles changes and supplements with tested, pure ingredients.

This holistically-oriented family medicine I have practiced since the mid-80's emphasizes natural healing methods for a variety of disorders, including ...

  • Weight loss
  • Healthy aging
  • Menopause
  • Sex drive and performance
  • Chronic illness
  • Detoxification

My patients also come to me seeking solutions to their ...

  • Memory loss
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Loss of muscle tone and strength
  • And many other conditions

I have helped thousands of patients and I hope that through this forum I can do the same for you – to inform & educate you about your health choices.

It all starts with my recommendations for healthy eating, exercising, managing stress in your life and taking selected nutraceuticals—advanced supplements that go beyond what you'll find in most health food stores...

So why should value my recommendations?

After I graduated the University of Michigan with high honors I completed medical school at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. I then interned in general surgery at UCSD Medical Center and did my residency in orthopedic surgery at Tulane University in New Orleans.

After leaving surgical training and embarking in a 5 year career as an emergency physician I found my calling in integrated medicine, becoming the focus of my private family practice which I began in 1986.

This path led to extensive training and board certification by the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. I was selected to serve as a board examiner in 2003 and I completed a 2 year fellowship in this field in 2010.

I have served as a mentor for physicians who travel to San Diego to spend time observing my practice and learning specific hormone related procedures

And I've lectured to physicians and the public across four continents on the use of nutraceuticals and other anti-aging and wellness protocols.

What's more, I've been a contributor as well as the sole author and collaborator of papers and books published since 1978 on a variety of medically related subjects, including authoring a chapter on testosterone pellet implantation in an anti-aging textbook.

In addition I served as an active staff member of Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, California for over 10 years.

This extensive experience and training has allowed me to see firsthand what works and doesn't work to help patients in my practice.

After more decades of direct observation, I've become "streetwise" in recognizing effective, high-quality products for my patients. I'm not going to be influenced by polished marketing on products with no real track record of success.

But when I do come across a product that I believe is beneficial for improving your quality of life, I'm going to let you know about it—just like I inform my own patients. They let me know if something I give them is effective or not.

Health ...Healing ...and Extended Life
through Nutraceuticals

During the many years I've been in practice I have come to trust a variety of nutraceuticals that my patients have found effective & with real science behind them.

By observing the response of my patients I've seen firsthand what high quality nutraceuticals can do to ...

  • Benefit acute and chronic conditions
  • Turn back the aging clock
  • And improve overall quality of life.

And with so many sources to choose from, I frequently found myself turning to what I believe is a superior choice—Earth's Bounty.

Earth's Bounty nutraceuticals are made with premium ingredients, proven formulations and follow strict manufacturing procedures. And I've seen the clinical benefits, my patients feel the health benefits, and you will as well.

It's no wonder I have been the Medical Director of Earth's Bounty for over a decade. It's a job I am very proud of and take very seriously because your health matters to me.

And as Medical Director I now have the opportunity to create new nutraceutical formulations found nowhere else. They use the ingredients & formulations I believe in.

Please take a look at all the Earth's Bounty products and I am confident that you will find them simple, effective solutions for your optimal health. And please email me with your questions and feedback. I'll be happy to post them to my page.

I look forward to hearing from you.

To your health and long life,

dr center sig

Stephen A. Center, M.D.

P.S. You'll find very few MD's who know as much about nutraceuticals as I do. For over 20 years I've hosted lectures on the subject and been featured on major radio and TV programs. Nothing compares to Earth's Bounty. Best of all, every Earth's Bounty product is backed by a money-back guarantee.



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